The Hemp Seeds


What’s important to remember

Perfect balance of omega3(ALA) and omega6(LA) essential fatty acids(EFAs)

Omega essential fatty acids are responsible for repairing damaged and creating new soft tissue growth.(gamma-linoleic acid)

They are also essential to balancing other systems within our body.

Our body creates Anandamide from omegas which is our bodies naturally occurring cannabinoids.

Vital essential nutrients are found like magnesium, manganese, iron, folate and more!

Comes from a regenerative and carbon negative plant source

Can be an added ingredient to anything! Smoothies, salads, universal food topping with a slightly nutty flavor

No known allergens

Has an Alkaline pH which is essential for optimal health

Our body needs to be at 7.35-7.45 pH level for optimal health. Hemp hearts and seeds can help maintain that healthy pH balance within.

A healthy pH level in our body fights and prevents disease and sickness by expelling toxins.

The Fiber from the hemp seed shells is a great expeller of toxins giving the toxins something to grab ahold of.