Terpenes and the Entourage Effect

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What are terpenes and why do they matter?

Long story short, it’s the soul of the plant. Whether we are talking about Hemp(low THC) or high resinous Cannabis, it’s a naturally occurring essential oil to the plant.

Just like essential oils have been shown to provide a therapeutic effect on the brain and other regions of the body, so do Cannabis terpenes.

Terpenes are a volatile isomer hydrocarbon chains that are produced from a variety of plants to protect them in their particular environment. They fight off pests and insects naturally.

Terpenoids are chemicals created from terpenes(stemmed from the word turpentine) after oxidation and other environmental conditions occur.

Terpenoids and terpenes create an aroma or smell which gives us more of a connection with the plant.

This connection and aroma alone provides and triggers a medicinal autoimmune reaction it’s own self. The combination of other cannabinoids and terpenoids have been shown to alter different states of being. Some relaxing, some energizing and other more for pain and stress relief.

It acts as a steering wheel in guiding your elevated state of being in various directions.

Some terpenoids that exist include; Lemonine, pinene, myrcene, linalool just to name a few. These terpenes are found in other plants as well, like conifers, citrus fruits, lavender, pepper and more!

Terpenes and their distinct value will be more widely studied and introduced into the marketplace for consumers. NOW is the time to get studied up on terpenes.

Trichome institute is providing a full length interactive course on interpreting terpenes. Check out Max Montrose and trichomeinstitute.com to further expand your intelligence on the matter.