CBD tinctures and what you need to know

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Check the ingredients labels. Make sure there’s no crazy ingredients that don’t align in your belief system or diet. Sometimes it’s just that easy to make an informative decision.

Does it have a 3rd party lab test? A 3rd party lab test result is important to have and may not automatically be delivered to you. A great company can easily provide you an easy to read analysis chart either in paper form(hopefully hemp paper) or emailed over to you. Make sure these tests are somewhat recent.

Was the extraction clean? Some forms of extraction have shown negative effects by still containing contaminants and neurotoxins from hydrocarbon gas extractions like butane and propane. I prefer a cleaner CO2 or distillation style extraction method.

How was it grown? Look for organic and natural means of growing. Avoid pesticides and insecticides at all costs.

Does your product have a fair price that correlates with the amount of CBD infused? 1000mg of CBD is 1 gram. 1 gram of isolate can go from $35-50. A 1000mg Tincture shouldn’t be any higher than $85, in my opinion. This extra amount between the isolate makes sure you get the most out of the CBD with the carrier oil, distributing it evenly and slowly, terpenes added, for aroma, flavor and entrourage effects and the jar and dropper make it a very valuable purchase even at $85. Especially since 30mg per dosage allows for 33 doses of CBD. THATS $3. A beer costs more than that depending where you go. Why not spend the money for the health?

Look for a clear message from the company and easy communications. It should be easy to obtain and ask questions about the product with the business owner.

True Cannabis flavors and Terpenes inside of tinctures make it that much better. Learn more about Terpenes and the Entourage Effect

The carrier oil matters a lot when using tinctures. In order for the CBD to absorb better into the blood people use MCT coconut oil to their tinctures. The CBD evenly is spread out and stays consistent with coconut oil but not all people can tolerate coconuts. A Hemp seed oil carrier seems to me like it would be the most effective carrier oil, but not long term shelf stable or sensible for business/volume. MCT coconut oil is shelf stable and will not spoil. Hemp seeds do have a lot of health benefits. Learn more about Hemp Seeds